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im back :)_)

2010-05-18 16:24:01 by darkflame777

hey i made back pps i went screwy when was put on sie blockers (god i hate them)
well im back n good to see us here playing games

hey one what is the fastest way to make videos on ur cpu??
comment pez

hey new art coming up by this august but wait fo it

look below!!!!

(i stop editing sprites to let you know)

im back :)_)

hey there again!

2010-03-21 17:37:55 by darkflame777

hey there looker! i am here to say that im a sprite maker.
i do make sprites as bellow.

just give me 1-5 sprites and i will edit them (include ur email or i cant send them back to you) by 1-3 weeks.

my email is
remember to send it.

and of course is free!!!
oh yah its just a color change

if ur a fan of the only AC-130 pm me or comment me on this and da image

of corse im here!

happy PICO day!

hey there again!